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Jo Ellen Burnevik is a professional communications expert with a diverse experience of counseling a series of national and local clients; spanning corporate, entrepreneurial, government, and social-minded organizations; and a myriad of regional entertainment events.

It is her experience in developing a plethora of marketing materials--from print, web-based services, e-Commerce, and cross media advertising--that makes JOLY DESIGNS a Marketing and Design Studio because in her words, "in a studio, anything can
be created."
Possessing a rare combination of actual hands-on experience of 
graphic design, and the ability to supervise the creation of individual marketing elements of a broad marketing portfolio,
Jo and the JOLY DESIGNS team give her clientele the feeling of having a fully staffed marketing department at their finger tips.

"I want to build the success of the small and medium business owner. While they are excelling in their industry, I want to give them the tools to create an engaging brand identity," says Jo. "Our clients have wonderful vision. We are committed to helping them see that vision come to life."


Jo Ellen Burnevik
"It is so satisfying and thrilling when we give a client
the creative solution that impacts the way they do business."
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